Self Quarantine Coronavirus/COVID-19 Products to Stay Safe and Productive

Working From Home

Stand Up Desk

For those of you not used to working at a desk, you may be unprepared for the aches and pains sitting on your butt all day can cause. Having a stand up desk like the one shown here will allow you to stretch those legs and get the blood flowing, without losing out on productivity!

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Keeping up with the theme, getting an anti-fatigue mat for when you need to stand will definitely keep you comfortable and going all day long. These anti-fatigue mats are made from durable 3/4″ foam, to reduce stress on feet, knees, legs, and back while standing for long periods. They have an anti-microbial surface, which makes it easy to keep clean and sanitary. And to top it all off they come in 5 different colors, which makes them easy to transfer from the office to the kitchen!

Wireless Phone, Airpod, and Apple watch Charger

It may seem trivial, but having a one stop charging unit can really save you when you least expect it. Besides saving desk space, making sure your devices are properly charged and ready to go within easy reach when that business call comes through, or having your phone properly angled for hands free video conferences really comes in handy. Check out this awesome 3 in 1 charging unit that your sure to love!

Staying Active at Home

PreWorkout Energy Drink


The first thing that catches our imagination about Nanohydr8 pre-workout drink is its name. It sounds like all high tech and more like a marketing stunt. And, to be honest, the science of nanotechnology used to create this fitness drink is no less than the technology used for making missiles. It is an exotic blend of science and nature, which gives you raw power to go on and on and on.

Exercise Daily

Doing just a little bit of cardio everyday can go a long way in keeping up your health, and in improving your immune system! Jumping rope is a simple, yet extremely effective way of getting your heart rate up in a small chunk of time, ideal for small breaks during work and small enough to fit in a desk drawer. Check out this best seller on amazon!

Loosen Up!

I’ve been active all my life, and with that comes pain and tension. Using a foam roller has been one of the only consistent ways of relieving pain and tight muscles that I have found. It doesn’t take long, just a few minutes, and your muscles will be feeling more relaxed and the pain will just melt away!

Staying Healthy At Home


Staying healthy, especially during these times with the crisis that is happening now, is paramount. Sanitizing several times daily is a must, but try to sanitize and wash your hands as often as you can. You never know where you might pick up a bug, and even if you aren’t showing symptoms, you may be a carrier. It’s been an ordeal for many to find sanitizing products at their local stores, so many are turning to Amazon to fill the void.

Air Purifier

Having pure air is essential to healthy living. Even if there weren’t an ongoing pandemic, the health benefits of having an air purifier in the home are endless. Pet dander, mold, smoke and allergens are just some of the harmful materials entering our homes. Be sure to get a purifier that also takes care of viruses, that way you make sure that you are protected from the corona virus.

Water Purifier

Along with pure air, water is another necessity for healthy, happy living! Getting pure water is getting more and more simple, and the health benefits(not to mention taste) speak for themselves. Many viruses can travel with water, so making sure you have pure water available is a must. Check out this simple to install faucet mount purifier on Amazon.

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